GEP ATO/ATC Fuse Stands Up To Rugged and Harsh Environments

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The Series FRH-ATO/ATC environmentally sealed fuser holder offers the options and versatility you’re looking for in an ATO/ATC fuse and relay holder. This ATO fuse will perform in a variety of applications including off-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, boats and marine equipment, recreation and power sports vehicles, trucks, automotive applications, construction vehicles, and power generation units. […]

Power Distribution Modules Marine Fuse Block

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Boat and Marine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) require sealed powered distribution and circuit protection to safeguard starters, motors, gauges and other peripheral instrumentation from shorts and overloads. Electrical power distribution in marine environments comes with a great deal of challenges that require a more experienced solution. Solutions, or products, that are not always commercially available. […]


DC Power Distribution Modules (PDM) for Commercial Equipment Applications

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DC Power Distribution Modules used in Commercial Equipment Applications are essential in providing high electrical power distribution in a small package. Recent upgrades in under hood compartments require more compact components that can handle higher voltages. But also withstand the harsh environments that commercial equipment is subjected to. GEP’s completely sealed PDMs help keep out […]

commercial vehicle fuse box, gep fuse box

GEP Commercial Vehicle Fuse Box for Harsh Environments

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A fuse box, also known as a fuse block, or fuse panel, is capable of electromechanical switching, power control and circuit protection. For harsh environments, heavy duty fuse boxes are manufactured to prohibit entrance of moisture, dust, dirt while providing protection from vibration and shock hazards. This type of protection is paramount for electrical integrity […]

GEP Power Products Manufactures Fuse Panels for Heavy Duty Equipment that Operates in Harsh Environments

Fuse Panel Manufacturing for Harsh Environments

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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) rely on GEP Power Products for the manufacturing of their heavy duty fuse panels to operate under even the harshest environments. Agricultural Equipment, Heavy Duty Trucks, Boat Manufacturers, Buses/Transit Manufactures, Emergency Vehicle Manufacturers, Construction Equipment Manufacturers and Powersports Manufacturers are all industries that turn to GEP Power Products for their expertise. […]

GEP Power Products molex mx150 connector cover

New GEP Connector Sealing Caps For Molex MX150 Connectors

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New GEP Connector Sealing Caps mate directly with Molex™ MX150 series connectors to eliminate costly hardware and provide reliable environmental protection for unused wire harness connectors. GEP Power Products has engineered a new series of sealing caps that mate directly to any of the Molex™ MX 150 series female connectors to provide protection from dirt, dust, […]

What is a power distribution block stud, power distribution block stud

What is a Power Distribution Block Stud?

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What is a Power Distribution Block Stud? Also known as: Battery Feed Studs Battery Jumper Terminals Battery Jumper Studs Jump Starts Junction Blocks Pass Through Devices Power Feed Blocks Shrouded Power Feed Blocks Stud Blocks Stud Type Junction Blocks Power distribution block studs are used to handle the supply of power circuits to a vehicle’s […]

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A Heavy Duty Automotive Power Distribution Block Manufacturer

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An Automotive Power Distribution Block is an economical and convenient way to distribute electrical power to primary or auxiliary devices in vehicles. Heavy duty automotive power distribution blocks, or automotive distribution blocks, distribute, control and protect electrical circuit systems in commercial vehicles such as: Agriculture Boats Bus/Transit Construction Equipment Emergency Vehicles Military Vehicles Off-Road Vehicles […]