GEP ATO/ATC Fuse Stands Up To Rugged and Harsh Environments

The Series FRH-ATO/ATC environmentally sealed fuser holder offers the options and versatility you’re looking for in an ATO/ATC fuse and relay holder. This ATO fuse will perform in a variety of applications including off-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, boats and marine equipment, recreation and power sports vehicles, trucks, automotive applications, construction vehicles, and power generation units.

GEP Power Products manufactures environmentally sealed ATC Fuse holder.GEP Understands Your Strategic Sourcing Strategy Goals

GEP power distribution products provide a compact, sealed solution built to stand up to the challenging environments of all types of industry vehicles. Rather than stock numerous space-consuming parts, the Series FRH-12-X meets electrical distribution specifications without the need for time-consuming assemblies. This saves you time, money and solidifies your reputation for using quality power distribution products.

GEP Power Distribution Products Have the Features You Need

The FRH-12-X accepts up to 4 ATO/ATC fuses and 32V up to 40 amp fuses. This relay holder offers two cover side mount options and three bracket mount options (stainless steel). Other options include a terminal lock (TPA), cover lock (CPA) cable seals, and plugs.

The product line is RoHS compliant and offers a variety of Delphi Metri-Pack ® 630 series terminals and a 480 cable seal. Fuse housing material is thermoplastic with a silicone seal. It has a temperature rating of -40 to 125 C Ambient that your customer would need to test and validate.

Learn More about the FRH012-X ATC Fuse Holder

The Series FRH-12-X contains a space-saving footprint and expanded component carrying capabilities at a cost you’ll appreciate. Contact us today to learn more or to order ATO and ATC fuses quality-built to last. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, quality, reliability, and safety factors drive the development of all our products. And we adhere to all government regulatory mandates.