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Relay Modules

What is a Power Relay Module?

A power relay module is an electrical switch that is operated by an electromagnet. The electromagnet is activated by a separate low-power signal from a micro controller. When activated, the electromagnet pulls to either open or close an electrical circuit.

A simple relay consists of wire coil wrapped around a soft iron core, or solenoid, an iron yoke that delivers a low reluctance path for magnetic flux, a movable iron armature and one or more sets of contacts. The movable armature is hinged to the yoke and linked to one or more set of the moving contacts. Held in place by a spring, the armature leaves a gap in the magnetic circuit when the relay is de-energized. While in this position, one of the two sets of contacts is closed while the other set remains open.

When electrical current is passed through a coil, it generates a magnetic field that in turn activates the armature. This movement of the movable contacts makes or breaks a connection with the fixed contact. When the relay is de-energized, the sets of contacts that were closed, open and breaks the connection and vice versa if the contacts were open. When switching off the current to the coil, the armature is returned, by force, to its relaxed position. This force is usually provided by a spring, but gravity can also be used in certain applications. Most power relays are manufactured to operate in a quick manner.

For distribution of power in high current applications, GEP Power Products is the industry leader in high power relay module design and manufacturing.

Rated up to 70 amps, GEP’s power relay modules are designed for seamless integration in high power distribution applications. The convenient integral mounting brackets provide easy installation and accessibility. With endless options such as terminal position assurance available for wire retention, GEP Power Products’ power distribution solutions and off-road industry knowledge are second to none.

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For use in high current distribution applications. The Power Relay Module accepts 2 power relays rated up to 70A, one ISO relay up to 40A and one 2 pin flasher.

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Heavy duty modular relay blocks. The individual blocks interlock to build additional capacity. Accepts standard ISO relays. Also, includes convenient integral mounting bracket. Optional TPA available for wire retention.

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