DC Power Distribution Modules (PDM) for Commercial Equipment Applications


DC Power Distribution Modules used in Commercial Equipment Applications are essential in providing high electrical power distribution in a small package. Recent upgrades in under hood compartments require more compact components that can handle higher voltages. But also withstand the harsh environments that commercial equipment is subjected to.

GEP’s completely sealed PDMs help keep out dust, dirt and debris from vulnerable electrical components. Sealed PDM’s are more reliable and dependable, two of the most important requirements of any electrical system.

Made of rugged thermoplastic housings and a silicone seal, these DC power distribution modules can also be manufactured with 12 – 96 terminal positions for ever-expanding component flexibility. Stackable options are available as well which is an important factor for OEMs in the transportation industry. Various mounting capabilities make this the go-to PDM.

Operating off of an ISO 9001:2015 management system, GEP has lead the way for over 20 years of power distribution solutions and products. GEP is dedicated to exceed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) power distribution requirements with innovative designs and high performance.

GEP Power Products custom designs and manufactures DC Power Distribution Modules for automotive and commercial equipment applications. Each module features multiple electrical power outputs, acceptance of many different fuses, fuse types and relays that allow for custom configurations.

GEP Designs DC PDMs for OEMs of:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles)
  • Backhoes
  • Boats         
  • Bulldozers        
  • Buses            
  • Construction Equipment            
  • Cranes            
  • Earth Scraping Equipment            
  • Emergency Vehicle Equipment            
  • Excavators            
  • Golf Carts            
  • Heavy Duty Trucks            
  • Lawn Care Equipment            
  • Loaders            
  • Marine Vehicles            
  • Military Vehicles            
  • Mining Equipment            
  • Off-Road Vehicles            
  • Over-the-Road Vehicles (Semis)            
  • Refrigerated Trailers   
  • Transit Vehicles
  • UTVs (Utility Task Vehicle)


If you don’t see what you are looking for on our site, please reach out to our experienced engineering team. They can help you select, or design, a DC Power Distribution Module to fit your specific Commercial Vehicle or Transportation Industry Application.