What is a Power Distribution Block Stud?

What is a power distribution block stud, power distribution block stud

What is a Power Distribution Block Stud?

Also known as:

  • Battery Feed Studs
  • Battery Jumper Terminals
  • Battery Jumper Studs
  • Jump Starts
  • Junction Blocks
  • Pass Through Devices
  • Power Feed Blocks
  • Shrouded Power Feed Blocks
  • Stud Blocks
  • Stud Type Junction Blocks

Power distribution block studs are used to handle the supply of power circuits to a vehicle’s electrical systems. There are two different categories of power distribution blocks – bussed and independent.

Bussed power distribution blocks will take a single, larger, input cable. This allows the electric to be split to smaller cables for branched circuits. Smaller ground cables can be attached to the ground buss and connected to the battery for power.

Independent power distribution block studs contain barrier terminal blocks, or stud type junction blocks. With these products, the connections are “independent” from each other and not connected internally. This permits multiple individual circuits to be routed to a single location where each circuit can have multiple connections going to it.

GEP Power Products – a Power Distribution Block Stud Manufacturer

GEP Power Products is a leader in manufacturing power distribution block studs for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Their stud blocks are known for high electrical rating and low resistance due to a large cross-sectional contact area. Their pass through devices are made of highly conductive materials that outperform the competition, time and time again.

Backed by years of pass through device/stud block design and manufacturing, GEP Power Products can help you realize your next best power distribution stud. Send them a drawing and include your power distribution requirements for your vehicle type.

Just a few of the industries that they provide power distribution solutions for:

  • Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing
  • ATV Manufacturing
  • Boats / Marine Manufacturing
  • Bus / Transit Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Construction Equipment Manufacturing
  • Emergency Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Golf Cart Manufacturing
  • Heavy-Duty Truck Manufacturing
  • Military Equipment Manufacturing
  • Off-Road Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Power Sport Manufacturing
  • UTV Manufacturing
  • Vocational Truck Manufacturing
  • Waste Management Vehicle Manufacturing

To get started, contact GEP Power Products today for all of your power distribution block stud requirements.