Why You Need GEP’s FRH Series Sealed Blade Fuse Blocks

When it comes to unsealed blade fuse blocks, not much has changed over the years. Blade fuse blocks create a place for fuses to be housed in an electrical system to protect the circuits in an application from overloads. The problem is they don’t do a great job. When exposed to harsh environmental conditions, unsealed fuse blocks are inherently a poor option because the connections are open to moisture and dirt and subject to corrosion or mechanical harm.

We’ve all heard the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention.” So why is it that unsealed blade fuse blocks remained the only choice for power distribution for so long? The engineers at GEP Power Products can’t answer that question, however, if you’re looking for a better option, you’ve come to the right place. Our engineering team invented a sealed ATO fuse block option that far exceeds the reliability of the current offering on the market.

Looking Sealed Blade Fuse Blocks as Rugged as Your Applications?

GEP ATO/ATC Fuse Stands Up To Rugged and Harsh EnvironmentsUsed across multiple industries such as construction/agriculture, the series FRH-12-X  sealed blade fuse blocks work with ATO/ATC and mini fuses. Made out of a thermoplastic housing and cover, with a silicone seal, they have a temperature rating of -40 to 125 C Ambient that your customer needs to test and validate. When faced with harsh conditions, this sealed option is far superior to the previous unsealed option that used to dominate the landscape.

GEP has configurations that accept up to 4 ATO/ATC fuses or up to 36 or 48 that couple with relays. These four-way sealed power distribution module fuse holders replace unsealed point-to-point wiring. And with two cover side mount options, and three stainless steel bracket-mount options, this solution offers the versatility to accommodate different equipment platforms.

Lessen Your Construction Equipment Downtime with This New Technology

As an OEM, your reputation depends on your products delivering ROI for your customers. When you have a choice of a superior product, the answer is clear. Let us partner with you to exceed your customers’ expectations. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, quality, reliability, and safety factors drive the development of all our products. And we adhere to all government regulatory mandates.