GEP Commercial Vehicle Fuse Box for Harsh Environments

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A fuse box, also known as a fuse block, or fuse panel, is capable of electromechanical switching, power control and circuit protection. For harsh environments, heavy duty fuse boxes are manufactured to prohibit entrance of moisture, dust, dirt while providing protection from vibration and shock hazards. This type of protection is paramount for electrical integrity and safety.

GEP Power Products manufactures heavy duty fuse boxes for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) whose commercial vehicles and equipment are meant to operate in unforgiving environments such as:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Commercial Buses
  • Construction Equipment
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Marine Vehicles
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Side-By-Side Vehicles
  • Tractor-Trailers
  • Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs)

GEP’s experienced engineering team understands the challenges that come with selecting the proper components to eliminate vehicle downtime. Ease of production team installation, simplicity of end-user maintenance, space constraints, electrical wire configuration and money-saving options are just some of the reasons why OEMs turn to GEP for product re-design and reverse engineering.

Whether it’s a complete custom design or a commercially available product, GEP has an electrical power distribution solution for your application. In today’s commercial transportation market, OEMs are offering higher power with expandable features for optional accessory packages. Meeting and exceeding industry performance standards and specifications while supporting critical program deliverables.

Various fuse types are available – dependent on the many factors of each specific application. GEP’s fuse blocks are designed to provide compact solutions, with mounting flexibility and high distribution point density.

Compact 12-Way Sealed Fuse Box & Relay Holder Features (download product PDF)

  • Ideal solution for auxiliary and accessory add-on applications in harsh environments
  • Terminal Rating: 20A Continuous, 30A Intermittent
  • Accepts Delphi Metri-Pack 280 terminals
  • Fuse/Relay Combinations:
    • 6 MINI fuses
    • 2 ISO 280 MICRO relays
    • 1 ISO 280 MICRO relay and 2 MINI fuses
    • 3 ISO 380 ULTRA MICRO relays
    • 2 ISO 280 ULTRA MICRO relays and 2 MINI fuses

Compact 24-Way Sealed Fuse Box & Relay Holder Features 

  • Ideal solution for rugged and harsh environment power distribution
  • Ideal for primary fusing applications in vehicle electrical systems
  • Terminal Rating 20A Continuous, 30A Intermittent
  • Accepts Delphi Metri-Pack 280 terminals
  • Fuse/Relay Combinations
    • 12 MINI fuses
    • 4 ISO 280 MICRO relays
    • 2 ISO 280 MICRO relays and 4 MINI fuses
    • 6 ISO 280 ULTRA MICRO relays
    • 4 ISO 280 ULTRA MICRO relays and 4 MINI fuses

For a custom quote on commercial vehicle heavy duty fuse box needs, contact GEP Power Products today!