Standard Products

GEP Standard Power Distribution Products

Many “value added” features are included to provide innovative and cost effective solutions that meet our customer’s design objectives.

Choose GEP’s power distribution products when you need solutions that surpass all your on-road and off road test requirements.

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Today’s sophisticated power distribution electrical systems often present challenges that cannot be satisfied with an off-the-shelf product. As your partner, GEP will design and develop a solution that will meet your application needs and program deliverables.

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Designed to seal out dust, dirt and moisture, this sealing cap eliminates the need for expensive male connector parts, lowers costs and reduces space requirements.

An optimal solution for OEM equipment designers and wire harness assembly providers that need to accommodate optional equipment circuits in their wire harness assemblies.

GEP Power Products molex mx150 connector cover

Insulator boots are used to prevent an accidental short circuit event at an ungrounded terminal or stud under a continuous load.
GEP Power Products also offers competitive pricing and “quick turnaround” development cycles for custom designs. Consult factory for details.

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