New GEP Connector Sealing Caps For Molex MX150 Connectors

GEP Power Products molex mx150 connector cover

New GEP Connector Sealing Caps mate directly with Molex™ MX150 series connectors to eliminate costly hardware and provide reliable environmental protection for unused wire harness connectors.

GEP Power Products has engineered a new series of sealing caps that mate directly to any of the Molex™ MX 150 series female connectors to provide protection from dirt, dust, moisture and other environmental contaminants. These sealing caps replace costly male connectors that are commonly used to seal unused female connectors in a wide variety of vehicles.

molex mx150 connector cover
GEP Power Products has designed and manufactured a new Molex MX150 Connector Cover for protection against dust, dirt and moisture.

Many OEM vehicle wire harnesses must be designed with circuits and connectors to accommodate fundamental vehicle power and control functionality in addition they often include circuits to accommodate optional equipment such as lights, plows, trailers and winches. In most instances, these circuits and connectors are unused at the time of sale, and will become corroded, and filled with dirt and dust if they are not properly sealed. Until now, the common solution to this problem has been to add a male connector to the end of these unused circuits – which is a costly, space consuming solution.

GEP’s Connector Sealing Caps offer a simple solution to the problem. The product series includes 6, 12, 16 and 20 pin configurations, and the sealing caps are all made of the same nylon material as the MX150 connectors so that it expands and contracts at the same rate with temperature changes to ensure an excellent seal under all conditions. Additionally the design of each GEP sealing cap size is simplified so it will fit any Molex MX150 female connector keying configuration.

GEP Power Products offers a full line of products to handle distribution, protection, storage, switching and termination for the transportation, utility vehicle and outdoor power industries. Our standard products provide solutions for applications that are well known and commonly implemented.

In addition, our Custom Engineering Group has been executing custom product development and manufacturing for OEM applications that require unique features.

Our custom power distribution designs meet unique industry specifications which typically include:

  • Cost reduction challenges
  • Government regulatory mandates
  • Harsh environments
  • Higher power requirements
  • Limited space availability
  • Reliability & safety factors

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