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Golf Cart Compact Power Product Solutions

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For golf cars and utility vehicle manufacturers, the proliferation of new electronics and electrical devices has created a demand for more sophisticated controls and electrical power distribution systems.

In the past, electrical systems required manufacturers to source, combine and assemble many discrete modules to meet electrical distribution specifications. This approach required management and stocking of many different parts which were space consuming. In addition, the assembly of these parts into wire harnesses was tedious and labor intensive.

In response to these challenges, GEP engineers developed a new fuse and relay holder product line, Series FRH-12 and FRH-24 modules. Depending on vehicle type, each product option provided the customer a compact, sealed and consolidated alternative that met their engineering and sourcing objectives.

The product line is RoHS compliant and offers a variety of Delphi Metri-Pack ® 280 terminal fuse and relay combinations.


  • 6 mini fuses
  • 2 micro relays
  • 1 micro relay and 2 mini fuses
  • RoHS compliant
  • 3 micro mini relays
  • 2 micro mini relays and 2 mini fuses


The fuse and relay holders have two side-mounted and three bracketed mounting options as well as TPAs, diode keys and cable seals and plugs.

GEP’s new Series FRH – (Fuse and Relay Holder) family now offers an all-in-one solution with expanded component carrying capabilities, assembly labor savings, space saving footprint and all in a very cost competitive package!

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