Push to Seat Sealed Relay Connector

Series PTSR-X / Push to Seat Relay Connector


The Series PTSR-X Push-to-Seat sealed relay connector, or holder, is specifically designed to accept standard Mini ISO relays, Delphi 630 Metri-Pack terminals and 480 Metri-Pack seals. This uniquely designed sealed unit also features a Push-to-Seat connection system, that eliminates the costly and labor intensive “5 step” pull-to-seat assembly approach.


Base – Polyester Thermoplastic
Seal – Silicon
TPA – Nylon


Cover and Housing – Nylon 66
Terminals – Pre-Plated 110 Copper
Stud – Zinc Plated Steel
Seal – Silicon


Sealed, rated at IP 66

Labor saving “push-to-seat” connection system

Molded in rugged polyester thermoplastic material

Accepts any wire size, in any cavity using Delphi 630 Metri-Pack sealed push-to-seat connector terminals

NOTE…Requires DELPHI 480 Metri-Pack Cable Seals

What is a Push-to-Seat Relay Connector?


Relay connector modules are used to allow separation of control and power circuits in vehicles of all sorts. These modules use a low voltage electrical control signal to open and close contacts in a separate, higher power circuit. The design allows the use of sophisticated but more delicate control systems that operate at 5 VDC or 12 VDC to manage higher power circuits that drive motors and many other devices used to perform work. By applying a low voltage electrical current to the contacts, a relay module can change the state from Normally Open (NO) to Normally Closed (NC).

For vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in various industries, having a Push-To-Seat (PTS), high current relay connector that is completely sealed from harsh environments is of paramount importance to maintain component functionality and longevity.

These Push-to-Seat relay connectors prohibit moisture and water ingress by their unique design.

GEP Power Products’ newly designed and engineered Push-to-Seat Relay connection system is a labor-saving connector that is specifically designed to integrate standard Mini ISO relays, Delphi 630 Metri-Pack terminals and 480 Metri-Pack seals.

Designed to cut down on assembly time, these easy-to-use relay connectors can significantly reduce the amount of work required for wire harness production. The cover and housing is molded with a rugged thermoplastic material that accepts any size wire required for various transportation markets. The housing also prevents water from entering the unit, creating an environment that is rated IP 66.

IP 66 is defined as dust tight and protected against powerfully jetting water which is perfect for these OEM industries:

  • Agricultural and Farming Equipment Manufacturing
  • ATV Manufacturing
  • Construction Equipment Manufacturing
  • Golf Cart Manufacturing
  • Military Equipment Manufacturing
  • Mining Equipment Manufacturing
  • Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Sport Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Utility Vehicle (UTV) Manufacturing
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/Drone Manufacturing

OEMs in these industries count on GEP Power Products with their innovative designs and manufacturing of power distribution solutions. As with all GEP components, this push-to-seat relay connector is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Contact GEP Power Products today for an evaluation of your specific power distribution needs.

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Series PTSR-X