INMEGA Series In-Line Mega Fuse Holder

For superior overload protection, GEP Power Products has designed bolt-down style IN-LINE Littelfuse™ MEGA® fuse holders.



  • Fasteners are cemented with LOCTITE to assure assembly durability
  • Assembled with torque controlled tools
  • Over-molded cover protects against mechanical stress
  • Tamper evident overmold cover option is available to protect against unauthorized fuse bypass

In rugged environments, dust, dirt, water, abrasion and mechanical abuse can be extremely detrimental to electrical systems. Lack of protection from these elements frequently causes shorts in vehicle electrical systems causing damage to costly peripherals. Older style fuse designs do not protect wires from abrasion in rough terrain. GEP Power Products’ IN-LINE Littelfuse™ INMEGA® Fuse Holders are custom designed with an over-molded PVC covering that is rated IP67.


To protect power systems in transportation and off-road equipment, fuses are incorporated into power cords and wiring systems for the following uses:

  • Alternator connections
  • Battery connections
  • Other heavy-duty cables that require high current protection


Mega fuse holders are used as sacrificial devices in many OEM vehicle electrical systems:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Commercial Lawn Care Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Golf Carts
  • Military Vehicles
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Over-the-Road Transportation

Littelfuse™ MEGA® fuse holder Specifications: 

100A – 350A Littelfuse™ MEGA® fuse holder rated at 32V (consult factory for amperages larger than 350A)


  • Fuse holder – PPS plastic (Polyphenylene Sulfide – a high performance thermoplastic)
  • Insert nut – Zinc plated steel
  • Sanotprene
  • Screw – Zinc plated steel


To the right, please download the IN-LINE Littelfuse™ MEGA® Fuse Holder RFQ/Design PDF Worksheet. This worksheet includes the following design choices:

  • Fuse rating
  • Insulation color
  • Insulation type
  • Terminal options
  • Wire gauge
  • Wire length

A “heat shrink” cover option is also available and any other special instructions that you may require for your OEM IN-LINE Littelfuse™ MEGA® Fuse Holder application.

Part numbers will be assigned by GEP Power Products.

If you are looking for a smaller version of our IN-LINE Littelfuse™ MEGA® Fuse Holder, we also offer our IN-LINE Littelfuse™ MIDI ® Fuse Holder. This version is more competitively priced and has a smaller footprint.

The IN-LINE Littelfuse™ MEGA® fuse holder is RoHS compliant.

OEM electrical systems have morphed over time to allow more power connections, to simplify peripheral installation, and to insure valid warranty claims. GEP is at the forefront of innovative design and manufacturing of electrical system protection with their new IN-LINE Littelfuse™ MEGA® fuse holder designs. OEMs can now incorporate this new design as a protective device in many ruggedized electrical systems.

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