Case Studies

Military Grade ¼”-28 Pass Through Stud for Drones – Small Footprint, Great Performance

GEP Power Products Custom Design and Manufactures a Military Grade Pass Through Stud for Drone Aircraft

In modern warfare, an increasing number of military missions are accomplished using drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). A UAV is a pilotless aircraft that flies a pre-programmed flight pattern or is flown by a more complex automation system. UAVs support strike-zone, combat, surveillance and high-risk fly zone missions without the human factor being a part of the equation.

UAVs require a multifaceted electrical system to complete these missions. From communications to power, each piece needs to be as small and lightweight as possible while providing optimum performance.

A military contractor contacted GEP Power Products about their existing PTX pass through studs. The pass through device was to be used as a power feed source in UAV bulkheads or firewalls. The client required a reconfigured version of GEP’s standard military grade pass through device for military drone aircrafts to meet stringent weight constraints and pass 200 amps of current through a significantly reduced part size. These specifications had to be met while maintaining the overall physical integrity and assembly torque requirements.


GEP Power Products reviewed the design of their existing larger PTX pass through studs to come up with a viable solution. A standard stud was improved by incorporating a stainless steel exterior for strength, corrosion resistance and physical integrity. A copper inner core conductor was used to meet the specified current capacity. A nylon overmolded body and mounting unit was used for insulation and to provide mechanical strength and decreased weight. Even though GEP was not provided with test specifications for security reasons, this military grade pass through nevertheless met and exceeded all the application requirements when tested by the client.

GEP Power Products is an ISO9001:2008 certified company that is also RoHS Compliant. GEP is a highly equipped and exceptionally capable manufacturer of top quality power products that are utilized for distribution, protection, storage, switching and termination applications. When an off-the-shelf component just won’t do, contact GEP for their on-site engineering expertise.