Labor Saving Sealed Relay Connector Design Speeds Assembly Time, Reduces Labor and Cost

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Labor Intensive Wire Harness Assembly Tasks and Times are Greatly Reduced with GEP Power Products’ New Sealed Relay Connector Series PTSR-X

Brookfield, WI (Jan 23, 2017) GEP Power Products is pleased to announce its new sealed relay connector. The innovative design eliminates the time-consuming assembly steps that require workers to first pull wires through a pull-to-seat relay connector, then strip, terminate, and seat each wire in the connector body. Instead, the PTSR-X assembly process follows standard Push-to-Seat wire and connector conventions and allows for pre-terminated wires with seals to be assembled through the rear of the connector.

This product will cut assembly cost for any wire harness manufacturer, whether the relay product is originally specified, or offered as a replacement equivalent.

The series PTSR-X is designed to accept the standard Mini ISO relay by combining the Delphi 630 Metri-Pack terminals and 480 Metri-Pack seals. As with all GEP Power Products’ components, this unit is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions found in the off-road, mining, and construction industries, as well as sport and utility vehicle applications.

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Chris Osmun

Power Products Sales

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