Case Studies

GEP Power Products Creates 3/8” Military Grade Pass-Thru Power Stud Block

GEP Power Products makes military grade, power stud

A military grade pass-thru power stud block is a module that is ideal for AC and DC circuit connections that penetrate firewalls or bulkheads. This component has a high electrical rating and typically consists of a highly conductive material such as copper. The pass-thru stud block surrounds and protects the originating wire from electrical shorts caused by sharp wall materials, and is also designed to halt the ingress of dust, moisture and other environmental contaminants into a sealed control area or enclosure.

Commonly used in ATVs, agricultural, military and construction equipment, a pass-thru stud block provides one or more connections to a vehicle’s electrical power system.  It can simplify cable placement and provide convenient power tap points.  Pass-thru stud blocks can also be used to reduce wiring costs and eliminate extra space that may be required for cable routing.

A military customer contacted GEP Power Products with a mandate for a completely impermeable 3/8” diameter military grade power stud block. GEP’s standard pass-thru studs range from ¼” to ½” in diameter and carry an IP 76 rating.  IP67 is defined as protection from dust and water immersion to depths between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes.

To satisfy the requested specification, GEP engineered a military grade 3/8” diameter power stud. An epoxy filling was applied in the area where the threaded stud passes to the nylon body in order to prohibit all moisture and air and contaminants from entering the secluded control area.  GEP also applied Loctite to the threads of each stud to further prevent any liquid or air infiltration. These two upgrades allow GEP to offer their customers a military grade pass-thru that is entirely air and waterproof.

No matter how critical the requirements are, GEP Power Products focuses on providing innovative standard and custom designed products that fit power distribution applications in all transportation and off-road markets.