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State-of-the-Art Stud-Type Electrical Power and Ground Junction Block

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Stud type electrical power and ground junction blocks provide heavy-duty electrical connection points that are used for distribution of power or ground in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) transportation systems. This device provides multiple outlets for positive and negative power, key power and aftermarket accessories.

In the OEM ATV and UTV transportation market, stud type electrical junction block provides the balance that is required for the electrical load. These components deliver efficient use of space for the amount of wires that are required for intricate systems.  The electrical junction blocks also eliminate wire splicing and thus creates a sound electrical system and simplifies wiring.

Limited amount of terminal posts found in old style stud junction blocks prohibited individual power connections. This outdated design required “stacking” of multiple accessory wire terminals to one battery post. This practice transmitted energy to all components continuously, causing unnecessary power draws within the electrical system. Another problem with the stacked connection was consumer installation of aftermarket parts. Customers would not utilize proper torque control tools to tighten the electrical connections. ATV electrical systems are affected by shock, vibration and other environmental factors. Not using proper torque control wrenches to tighten terminal bolts would cause vehicle electrical systems to short out and posed the risk of electrical fire. Each of these situations required accessory packages to be installed by a dealer.

To eliminate these common problems and make it easy for end users to properly install electrical peripherals themselves, GEP designed revolutionary stud type electrical junction blocks. The innovative design provides primary and surplus power distribution with a completely sealed plug-and-go design along with numerous terminals. Each additional accessory can have its own terminal to retain electrical system integrity. The sealed construction provides independently fused terminals to protect components from outdoor elements, shock and vibration and electrical overloads.

GEP Power Products designs and engineers innovative, standard and custom power distribution components for the OEM transportation and off-road markets. Whether you need one power and ground junction block or thousands, GEP has a solution to fit your power distribution needs.