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  • Agricultural Equipment Power Distribution Module (PDM) Challenges
    agricultural equipment power distribution module pdm challenges, case studies

    Today’s farm equipment has rapidly evolved to become far more capable than in the past, due in large part to the incorporation of sophisticated controls, sensors and actuators. This additional capability has resulted in a need for substantially increased power distribution module capabilities. Supporting the numerous new electrical and electronic devices requires

  • Better Overload Protection, Fewer Warranty Claims Thanks to GEP’s INMIDI and INMEGA In-Line Fuse Holders
    in line fuse holder, in line fuse, inmega series in line mega fuse holder, littelfuse mega fuse holder, inmidi in line fuse holder, inmega in line fuse holder

    It is common for All Terrain Vehicles to have peripheral components such as winches and plows that require electrical overload protection. This protection is usually provided by a special in line fuse that prevents the motor from burning out as a result of a stalled or continuous use overload.

    Until recently, the

  • GEP Power Products Creates 3/8” Military Grade Pass-Thru Power Stud Block
    military grade, power stud

    A military grade pass-thru power stud block is a module that is ideal for AC and DC circuit connections that penetrate firewalls or bulkheads. This component has a high electrical rating and typically consists of a highly conductive material such as copper. The pass-thru stud block surrounds and protects the originating

  • Military Grade ¼”-28 Pass Thru Stud for Drones – Small Footprint, Great performance
    military grade pass thru stud for military drone aircrafts, case studies

    In modern warfare, an increasing number of military missions are accomplished using drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).  A UAV is a pilotless aircraft that flies a pre-programmed flight pattern or is flown by a more complex automation system.  UAVs support strike-zone, combat, surveillance and high-risk fly zone missions without the

  • State-of-the-Art Stud-Type Electrical Junction Block
    junction blocks, stud type junction block, electrical junction block, case studies, insulated stud type junction blocks

    Stud type electrical junction block provides heavy-duty electrical connection points that are used for distribution of power or ground in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) transportation systems.  This device provides multiple outlets for positive and negative power, key power and aftermarket accessories.

    In the OEM ATV and UTV transportation market, stud type

  • Utility Vehicle and Golf Cart Compact Power Distribution Module (PDM) Solutions
    utility vehicle golf cart compact power distribution module pdm solutions, case studies

    For golf carts and utility vehicle manufacturers, the proliferation of new electronics and electrical devices has created a demand for more sophisticated controls and electrical distribution systems.

    In the past electrical systems required manufacturers to source, combine and assemble many discrete modules to meet electrical distribution specifications. This approach required management and