Better Overload Protection, Thanks to GEP’s INMIDI and INMEGA In Line Fuse Holders

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It is common for All Terrain Vehicles to have peripheral components such as winches and plows that require electrical overload protection. This protection is usually provided by a special fuse that prevents the motor from burning out as a result of a stalled or continuous use overload.

Until recently, the only type of fuse available to Original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to protect peripheral components against overload damage has been the fusible link. Unfortunately, fusible link components are not sealed against outdoor elements. Dirt and liquids frequently create contact between the power and ground lines causing electrical shorts. In addition, the unsealed parts of fusible links often rust or become abraded or deformed which makes replacement difficult once the link fails.

A leading manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles, experienced many issues with the fusible link product they were installing on their equipment. The harsh environments end-users were exposing their equipment to caused frequent shorts and customers were frequently bypassing the links and then claiming the resulting damages as warranty items. In addition, their fusible link required special tools for removal, and was excessively difficult to replace when corrosion occurred.

In response to their customers’ problems, GEP designed a completely enclosed, IP  67 rated sealed in line fuse holder. The innovative product line comes with a protective, splash proof, over-molded cover that entirely protects the in line fuse from all harsh environmental elements and abrasive actions.


Rated from 50-500 amps, their INMIDI and INMEGA In Line Fuse Holders are IP 67 rated, which means they are totally dustproof and are tested to be completely waterproof 1 meter under water for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The assembly is manufactured with torque controlled tools and fasteners are cemented with LOCTITE to assure assembly durability. A tamper evident “Heat Shrink” cover option is also available to protect against unauthorized fuse bypass by end-users which largely reduces false warranty claims.

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